Medical Marketing Specialists

Whether you need assistance with starting up your medical business or improving the existing one, we can help.

Med Specialists provides business solutions for healthcare organizations of all sizes, including medical practices, hospitals, and manufacturers. We help healthcare organizations increase their net revenue, enhance patient's satisfaction, and strengthen their strategic position.

Medical Marketing

Identify and reach your target market - increase profitability of your business.

Medical marketing primarily means utilizing a variety of offline strategies: creating a brand name and promoting services by the use of print, marketing representatives and direct mail campaigns. However, with the advent of the internet, medical marketing has taken on a whole new level. Med Specialists combines the best of both worlds - offline and online marketing - that drives productivity and sales through one unique marketing strategy.

Extend Your Referral Network

We focus on gaining referrals for your practice by marketing to your existing referral network as well as to new and under-served sources for referrals. We use our sales and marketing skills to change referral habits and acquire more patients who truly need your services and care. We know how to build up relationships with other physicians, how to make patients feel positive about their doctors, and how to proactively position a practice within the overall community. This is why medical industry professionals don't hesitate to put their reputation into our hands.

Medical Marketing Chicago

We provide complete marketing solutions. Our services include:

  • Marketing Plans

  • Networking

  • Consulting

  • Branding

  • Advertising

  • Graphic & Web Design

  • Online Marketing

  • Web Applications

  • Business Systems

  • Mobile Applications

  • Software Development

  • Software Customization